Accelerate Business Performance.

A revolutionary all-in-one lightweight web app to run your entire business.

Lightweight Dashboard

All in one Business Management Lightweight Web App for Business Owners

Scale-up, adopt new business models. Our lightweight application flexibility allows you to do it all, quickly and easily. you’ll be able to use it for any business type, any industry. It’s built from your feedback and shaped by your love.


Customer Portal & CRM

View your customer 360 degrees. And offer them access, order your products and services online.

Customer Service

Offer customer service with built-in Tickets and Knowledge-base. Customer satisfaction will increase your sales.

Purchases & Orders

Manage purchases and orders in one single place. Online orders will make your business stand out in the crowd.


Track your revenue & make smarter decisions. Now you'll have it all, for less.


Sell smarter & faster with integrated billing and sales tools.


Invoice customers and get paid online. A seamless Online Payment system allows you to receive payments quickly.

Project Management

Project managers and team members collaborate can meet goals on time while managing resources, tasks, and budget.


Run Email and SMS marketing campaigns. Target your customers and audiences through email and SMS.


Manage your Employees efficiently, keep attendance. The sleek HRM features will encourage your employees to achieve your goals.

Integrated with all leading payment gateways

Payment Gateways

One Integrated Solution!

Tired of switching between applications? Automate your sales, billing, and finance in one platform. If you wish more anytime, Use our powerful suite of APIs and Guides. If you have got coding knowledge, you’ll also change the design, customize it, etc. Your license will never expire. there’s nothing like having the source code at your fingertips. If you’re a developer, we are sure, you’ll love it! Keep your data in your own hand. Host it on your own server. Use your own brand, make it exclusive for your business.

Testimonials from the


When you start a new business you always think, let's at least start selling the product other management and organization will be seen once our sales increases...THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE AN ENTREPRENEUR CAN DO, as no matter what product or service you are selling if you are lacking aftermath then you are going on the wrong path, initially I did the same mistake, but later I was blessed with inGenious.

Before I used to keep my data and all invoice and other customer detail in books, and whenever I need any information I use to go crazy to find particular information from those pages of my books, then I thought to make excel and documents file, that was also a waste of time, people might think Word Office gives you different facility, but when you are giving your full energy and time in creating your product or service then all these data entries and searching the right information is headache, so the team of inGenious gave our company, the most convenient and user friendly.

So, now at a click of a button, I can easily find my information and I get notified regularly about the leads, income, invoice collection, customers feedback, bill, new product addition, and what not, So take my words, you are at the best place for all your planning, analysis, organization, execution, etc, your business will grow much faster than you think. It is best team I ever came across.

Ankita Gotecha


Fully Customizable
I'm very, very impressed with the potential of what it can do for my business. The flexibility within its customization is quite fantastic.
Neha Shah


Everything you want to run your Business Digitally!

inGenious Lightweight is single, secure, and scalable software that’s easy to customize and upgrade. Boost productivity to lightning speed.